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Creating a Positive Customer Experience Post Data Breaches

By Ray Wizbowski, VP Financial Marketing

The recent large credit and debit card data breaches have undoubtedly strained the daily card production operations of many banks, bureaus and other large card issuers and shine a bright light on two key concerns. The first concern, of course, is prevention. The second concern centers on the replacement of both cards and trust across […]
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EMV Migration: All Players Need to be On Board

Jul 9, 2014

The landscape for payment transactions is quickly evolving, and the financial industry is looking for a clear answer as to what is next. All fingers are pointing toward chip-based payment standards, also known as EMV smart cards. And many countries outside of the U.S. have already adopted the EMV standard.  In fact, approximately 42 percent […]


Combining Mobile Banking and Mobile Wallets – Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Jun 6, 2014

As the industry evolves, many organizations are now asking themselves how mobile wallets can play into the overall mobile banking experience.  Take for example a recent article that was published, Time to Merge Mobile Payments with Mobile Banking, which states: “Financial organizations should begin preparing today for when the payments method takes off; and that industry experts […]


Datacard Group Featured as One of the Top 100 Technology Companies in the U.S.

Aug 19, 2014

Datacard Group was selected as one of the top 100 most promising technology companies in 2014 by CIOReview magazine. The article provides a brief overview of the Datacard Group and Entrust business, highlights the company’s  position in the industry, discusses key target markets and how the Datacard solutions address customer pain points, and gives a general sense of […]


PassAgeNow! Features Todd Wilkinson, CEO for Datacard Group

Jul 24, 2014

Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO of Datacard Group was recently featured as the cover story of industry publication PassAgeNow! In the interview, Wilkinson provides a high-level overview of the business, discusses the recent acquisition of Entrust, and what the combined vision for the two companies is moving forward. Click here to read the full article.