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EMV Migration: All Players Need to be On Board

By Ray Wizbowski, VP Financial Marketing

The landscape for payment transactions is quickly evolving, and the financial industry is looking for a clear answer as to what is next. All fingers are pointing toward chip-based payment standards, also known as EMV smart cards. And many countries outside of the U.S. have already adopted the EMV standard.  In fact, approximately 42 percent […]
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Combining Mobile Banking and Mobile Wallets – Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Jun 6, 2014

As the industry evolves, many organizations are now asking themselves how mobile wallets can play into the overall mobile banking experience.  Take for example a recent article that was published, Time to Merge Mobile Payments with Mobile Banking, which states: “Financial organizations should begin preparing today for when the payments method takes off; and that industry experts […]


Reducing Complexity and Strengthening Trust in a Highly Connected World

May 20, 2014

The market demand for connectivity is growing tremendously.  From 2011-2016, combined demand for citizen, consumer, and employee secure identification needs are expected to grow 18% annually – which means that we will continue to evolve into an even more highly-connected and complex world. By 2017: 30B devices are expected to be Internet connected, including over […]


Taking a Holistic Approach for Government ID Card Programs

Jul 14, 2014

Government organizations are always challenged to optimize their secure ID card programs to ensure that they continuously combat daily threats — from protecting identities and proprietary information, to ensuring that the card they produce is a high-quality document that will be consistent in appearance and closely match all other documents issued in the same ID program. […]


Datacard Group and Partners Host EMV Seminars in Cambodia and the Philippines

Mar 31, 2014

Datacard Group along with its partners – Visco (Cambodia) Joint Stock Co., Ltd and Omega Computer Corporation in the Philippines – conducted two half-day EMV seminars earlier this month. These seminars were targeted for financial institutions that wanted to learn about the differences between magnetic stripe and EMV compliant smart card technologies and best practices for […]