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Melissa Prosen

Director Brand & Communications

Reducing Complexity and Strengthening Trust in a Highly Connected World

By Melissa Prosen

May 20, 2014

The market demand for connectivity is growing tremendously.  From 2011-2016, combined demand for citizen, consumer, and employee secure identification needs are expected to grow 18% annually – which means that we will continue to evolve into an even more highly-connected and complex world. By 2017: 30B devices are expected to be Internet connected, including over […]

Secure Credit and Debit Card Issuance Anytime, Anywhere

By Melissa Prosen

May 31, 2012

Financial institutions are increasingly faced with stringent security and risk requirements imposed by regulations, pressures for new sources of revenue through innovative offerings, and savvy customers that demand speed and convenience. Trends such as instantly issuing cards, unique one-of -kind card programs, and programmable devices such as mobile and Near Field Communications (NFC) devices are […]