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Financial Instant Issuance

Instant Payoff with Instant Issuance

By Ray Wizbowski, VP Financial Marketing

Jul 27, 2015

We live in a world of instant gratification – and in our anytime, anywhere, always online society, it has become increasingly important that retailers, banks and service providers have the ability to reach and support their customers when and where they choose. This societal shift has led to the need for financial institutions to embrace new technologies and to offer more personalized and always available services for their cardholders.

One way that banks are offering an enhanced user experience is through instant issuance of credit and debit cards. Financial institutions see this as a competitive differentiation, an extension of their in-branch services, and a complement to their already existing central issuance program.

The ability to deliver cards instantly to the consumer has provided financial institutions the ability to remain competitive in the anywhere, anytime world we now live in. Imagine the delight of a customer when they find out that they are able to have their lost or stolen credit card replaced almost immediately after entering a branch and reporting it stolen.

Financial institutions are also seeing the payoff of instant issuance among new and potential cardholders. The ability to allow a new account holder to apply for and create their own personalized card, and have it securely issued to them in-branch, has allowed banks to see an increase in overall consumer spending, top-of-wallet card placement and bank loyalty.

Thousands of financial institutions have already implemented instant issuance, which has successfully impacted their bottom line.  Read more about how it can help your bottom line, too.


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For over 15 years, Ray Wizbowski has been helping shape and promote companies that specialize in security and payment innovation. Currently Mr. Wizbowski leads Entrust Datacard’s global financial vertical marketing. Prior to Entrust Datacard, Mr. Wizbowski was the vice president of strategic marketing for Gemalto’s Security Business unit helping drive the convergence of security controls with online transactions. Prior to Gemalto, Mr. Wizbowski was the vice president and general manager of ForeScout technologies – a leading pioneer of network access control technology. Prior to ForeScout, Ray held senior business development and marketing positions at MetiLinx, Positio Investor and Public Relations and Action Foundation.

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