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Reducing Complexity and Strengthening Trust in a Highly Connected World

By Melissa Prosen, Director Brand & Communications

May 20, 2014

The market demand for connectivity is growing tremendously.  From 2011-2016, combined demand for citizen, consumer, and employee secure identification needs are expected to grow 18% annually – which means that we will continue to evolve into an even more highly-connected and complex world.

By 2017:

  • 30B devices are expected to be Internet connected, including over 10B mobile devices.
  • Ecommerce sales will reach nearly $2T, nearly 20B payments cards will be in circulation, and there will be 500M mobile payment users.
  • Governments will be serving their citizens with expanded services and benefits with eID becoming the dominant form of identification by 2015.
  • The annual cost of global cybercrime will reach $650B.

There’s no doubt that new technology innovations are changing the way people and organizations interact – for example consumers may expect to receive all of their coupons, payment options, tickets, etc. on their mobile devices; and governments will expand services and benefits to citizens by issuing more electronic IDs (eID). These trends are causing more and more organizations to look at improving their card and credential management programs so that they can easily meet these demands.  Most importantly, however, is the need to ensure the security of consumer data to reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting, while providing innovative offerings that are convenient and cost-effective.

Complexity of these new innovations, however, can slow innovation, increase risk and deter adoption– both from an organizational standpoint and a user standpoint. For example, people desire ubiquitous access to better, faster and more personal services, but they are deterred by complexity.  And, the organizations supporting these users must also deal with the complexity of managing and delivering multiple services across different physical and digital contexts, in a wide array of environments in a very secure way.

This is especially true when trust is critical for financial and ecommerce transactions, to secure communications (social, mobile, and web), enable system access and data security, to facility, critical infrastructure, and border protection, to citizen services and benefits distribution. Here the effort to ensure trust often radically increases complexity—for both these organizations and the people they serve.

To break down the barriers of unnecessary complexity for organizations, it’s important to take a holistic approach and evaluate both the logical and physical security in card and credential programs.

The need for secure identification of people, of devices, in credentials, in mobile applications, and in transactions will continue to be a driving factor in the industry. Start by evaluating what you have today in your card and credential programs – this includes the overall infrastructure, the security and authentication tools you have in place, as well as the physical personalization features and process you use for issuing your cards and credentials.

This challenging environment requires a strong partner with proven expertise in the best practices for both trusted identities and secure transactions. Given the evolution and complexity of the market, partner with someone that can help simplify these complexities and draw upon a more combined functionality of physical and logical security capabilities to ensure you are prepared for this rapidly changing world.

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