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Taking a Holistic Approach for Government ID Card Programs

By Kristin Eckmann, Director Brand & Communications

Jul 14, 2014

Government organizations are always challenged to optimize their secure ID card programs to ensure that they continuously combat daily threats — from protecting identities and proprietary information, to ensuring that the card they produce is a high-quality document that will be consistent in appearance and closely match all other documents issued in the same ID program.

One of the key technology decisions organizations have to make is what printing technology they use for the personalization of the cards.  And, many believe that the most important factor in selecting the right color printing technology for ID programs comes down to comparing direct-to-card color printing with retransfer color printing.

One of our industry experts breaks down the common misconceptions regarding print technologies as well as highlights other important factors to be considered for your program—such as card designs, card stock and laminates or secure overlays—to ensure you are making the best decision for your investment.  To read the full article, download it here. 

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Kristin Eckmann is Entrust Datacard’s director of global communications, where she oversees and drives all global public relations, social media and communications efforts for the company. Prior to joining Entrust Datacard, Eckmann worked as the marketing director for Dynamic Card Solutions and has held various positions in public relations and marketing in the technology industry. Eckmann holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations from Colorado State University.

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