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The Benefits of Offering Flat Debit Cards

By Alyssa Arredondo, Marketing Director of Financial Instant Issuance

Dec 11, 2012

Use of cash and checks has declined significantly as consumers continue to embrace a range of card-based payment options. Debit cards in particular have enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past decade. The good news is that financial institutions are still in a great position to capitalize on debit card growth by focusing on profitability through core deposit accounts. But in order to grow deposit accounts, customer service and product innovation are crucial prerequisites.

Instant card issuance technology is an innovative, next-generation tool that helps introduce new revenue-generating opportunities for your debit card program. Not only does it give you, the card issuer, the ability to retain and grow core deposits through improved service and convenience, instant issuance ultimately increases debit card sales, activation rates, usage, interchange revenue and top-of-wallet brand recognition. Flat debit cards (without raised lettering and numbers) are a great option for instant issuance because they allow you to start with blank white card stock — which helps reduce costs and risks associated with pre-printed cards.

Flat debit cards work just like traditional embossed cards and are just as secure.  You can  instantly issue multiple cards and designs at the branch level that are fully personalized and compliant with applicable standards. You can add any background image to the front and/or back of a card, or even offer your customers the option to add their own personalized photos or graphics.

Most banks and credit unions are looking for a competitive advantage. Delivering highly customized, flat debit cards to your customers on-demand gives them  instant gratification, helping ensure your institution’s card will be top-of-wallet.

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Alyssa Arredondo joined Entrust Datacard in 2009 and is currently the Director of Financial Vertical Marketing. Her focus is on branch transformation, central and instant issuance of payment cards and financial market trends. Prior to joining Entrust Datacard, she spent 13 years in the financial services industry at HSBC and US Bank where she managed several large co-branded credit card portfolios. She is fluent in French and has an MBA in International Marketing.

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